Illustrated Interactive Text Adventure - A cyberpunk short story, with multiple ways to play through the game. Uses the PICO-8 palette, and a restricted graphics image resolution of 160x48 for that authentic 8-bit feel.

This is not Cyberpunk 2077. This is SANTAPUNK 2076. It has less bugs, and runs on a potato.


You are Number Five.

You are a new hire for Claus-Mishima Corporation  (a subsidiary of Amasoon Logistics Enterprise) - A Rewards-Fulfilment and Surveillance-Counter-Surveillance service for corporate clientele and select private individuals

Your job? Executive Lead Fulfilment (or E.L.F) operator, executing discrete Rewards Fulfilment for low-to-mid security sites.

Hack, sneak and do whatever else it takes to Deliver The Package.

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